Our trip to the Belize Zoo

On my most recent trip to Belize we made our way to the Belize Zoo. This little zoo is my very favorite! It was created in 1983 in an effort to provide a home for a group of wild animals that had been used in a documentary film about tropical forests. Now the zoo spreads out over 29 acres, holding over 150 animals that represent 45 species native to Belize. It was a memorable day that included seeing the little Margay Scott and I donated to the zoo a little over a year ago.

Belize Zoo

Welcome to the Belize Zoo

Belize Zoo boa

Getting ready to hold the Boa


Belize Zoo Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw | He greeted us!


Belize Zoo birds

This little guy was posing for us!


Jabiru Stork Belize Zoo

Jabiru Stork | flying in for some snacks


Belize Zoo birds

This guy was keeping a close eye on us!

Belize Zoo crocodile

Up close and personal with the Crocs

Belize Zoo Ocelot

Ocelot | the first cat we saw at the zoo

Belize Zoo Coatimundi

Coatimundi | These guys were super friendly!

Belize Zoo Baird's Tapir

Baird's Tapir | he was loving the attention!

Belize Zoo Spider Monkey

Spider Monkey | Putting on a show

Belize Zoo howler monkey

Howler Monkey | We saw them first and then later we heard them

belize zoo Jaguar

Jaguar | Wow!

Belize Zoo Jaguar

...one more. He was beautiful!

Belize Zoo Margay

Margay | Lounging in the tree

Belize Zoo owl


Belize turtles

Turtles sunning

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