Belize News Round-Up: June 20th – 24th

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June 20th: Belize Government nationalizes B.E.L. (Belize Electricity Limited)

It was big news last week when Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that B.E.L. would be in government hands by last Tuesday.  B.E.L was facing massive financial trouble and a looming bankruptcy.

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June 20th: Mexican plane makes emergency landing in Belize and no one is found

On Saturday a Mexican plane made an emergency landing in Orange Walk.  Earlier this week the cargo is unknown but there was no one around the area when the plane was found.

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June 21st: Belize Counsel for the Visually Impaired provides surgery

Over a few days last week the BCVI provided approximately 50 Belizeans with much-needed cataract surgery.  The BCVI teamed up with U.S. eye specialists.

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June 22nd: Additional B.E.L. takeover links

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June 22nd: Belize to be downgraded in yearly economic freedom and growth index

In the wake of last week’s government takeover of B.E.L. Belize will likely be downgraded.

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June 23rd: Human Rights activists say Belize’s new anti-crime laws violate liberties

Belize’s new anti-crime laws including preventative detention and trial without jury are a major infraction on the freedom of the people.

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June 23rd: Government of Belize awaits appeal case over BTL

The constitutionality of the Belize Telemedia takeover is being questioned in a Belize appeals court.  Judgment came last week.

Full story 7 News Belize

The court of appeals ruled the nationalization of BTL unconstitutional and has reversed it.

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June 24th: Lionfish has populated Belize waters

The Lionfish started showing up in Belize waters in 2009 and all attempts were made to stop the population of this predator.  Despite efforts the Lionfish numbers have multiplied.

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