Neighborhood Watch: Thieves Target Two Homes in Corozal

Reported by Lincoln Eiley of the Corozal Central Neighborhood Watch Group…

In the middle of all this flooding aftermath and recovery, Thieves at it again!  Two houses were broken into yesterday between 12-12:30 P.M. on broad day light. Both Mr. Frank Rosado’s house and his neighbor, a school teacher from Halls layout were burglarized. Thief(ves) gained entry by prying open the Rosado’s main entrance door with a blunt object and then cutting the screws from the lock itself. A dark skin male person seen hanging out in the area prior is the main suspect. Police have picked up a person of interest in this latest burglary.

Some of the items stolen were 2 laptops, an Olympus camera, assortment of jewellery and some cash. We will be sending a more detailed list of all the combined items.

Mr. Rosado is the proprietor of Frank’s Meat Shop in town and is a Member of our Citizens for a Better Corozal Coalition and an active volunteer of our neighborhood watch group. We extend our heartfelt well wishes to the Rosado family and the school teacher. We were unable to get the school teacher’s name at this time.

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