Finally back in Belize!

On Wednesday I got to fly back to Belize for a couple weeks and felt like I was headed home.  I was a little nervous that I would get to Houston and find that my flight would be delayed or worse, canceled, because of Tropical Storm Karl hitting right above Belize that same day.  I had nothing to worry about though – the flight was on time and there wasn’t even much turbulence as we flew in.  The pilot did a great job of avoiding the stormy spots.  I got off the plane and saw my boyfriend waiting for me in the viewing section of the airport – I couldn’t keep a smile off my face.  I had no problem getting through customs or immigration and had a tremendous hug and kiss waiting for me just outside the airport.  I was a very happy woman.

Adventures are plentiful in Belize and this trip has been no different.  I have a snake story already which I will post about tomorrow after the whole ordeal is done.  In the meantime I just wanted to do a quick photo update for the last couple days…as I sit here writing this I just realized I have a tick in my leg.

Wildlife so far…

Baby finches in Belize

Baby finches

Beetle in Belize

Colorful beetles

beetle in Belizebeetle in Belize

bats in Belize

little bats in the thatch

Boa in Belize


dragonfly in Belize

Newly emerged dragonfly and its former shell

Early morning kayaking trip…

Sunrise in Belize

Headed to the dock

Kayaking in Belize

Headed out on the kayaks

Kayaking in Belize

In the kayak

Progresso Shores Belize

View from the kayak of Progresso Shores

Progresso Shores Belize

Rainbow in the clouds

More on the snake later.

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