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Wildlife of Belize

After reading a recent article entitled The Beasts of Belize I started thinking of the wildlife I have experienced in Belize. Over the past couple of years I have had the privilege of seeing many of the animals that Belize has to offer. During my time in Belize I made sure that I didn’t limit my experiences to only what I felt comfortable with. I had already picked myself up and relocated 3000 miles from my original home in Oregon so why not try it all in Belize? If it scared me there was even more reason to try it out. So I trekked through the jungles, floated on the rivers and swam in the ocean and during those adventures I kept my eyes open to see anything I possibly could.

Beetle in BelizeThe following is a list of the animals and insects I have seen in Belize and a brief description of the circumstances in no particular order;